Levi x reader swimming. One of the cadets, Connie spoke while trying to stifle a laugh . even though levi doesn’t admit that he was tired and often refused to get some much needed sleep, you . ” with his reply, Eren could tell that this kid was a very quiet kid. I hear a soft voice ask and I jump through the broken wall as my squad stops next to my horse. You watched Levi, nervous to be left alone with the ticked off professor. Levi says. You were preparing to go off on a quick mission, being the last member of Levi's team who hadn’t been killed by the Female Titan. I hope you know that. Tears formed in the corner of your eyes, the phone dropping to the floor. Eren asked. You were calm and breathing just fine. “I’m sorry that he beat you so much. Satan. Levi x Reader - Rougher is better, an attack on titan/進撃の巨人 fanfic | FanFiction. Originally posted by leviackrrman. Bye. "Yes?" He snapped. Concept: Since Levi was aware of the life he was in, he worked hard. cw: fluff, just pure fluff. “ (Y/N), you’re not a burden to us,” Erwin admitted. Levi spoke up, sending you a dirty look for revealing their secret relationship to the cadets. Concept: Eren wanted to do an escape room, so he invites his friends and you and Levi get dragged along, mainly because you're like the parents of the group. Lost everything: her family, friends, home. No matter how much you wanted him, Levi Ackerman wasn’t in love with you. A WHOLE LOT OF BUBBLES. Here are a number of highest rated Levi Ackerman X Reader Lemon pictures on internet. This is the last merman Levi sex scene I did on my mer fiction. You knew that Levi would always be there for you. Autopilot disengaged. tits_out4levi. Sasha stares at the baguettes in your hand. Levi x Reader (F) Reckless. You try to maintain your balance but the pressure your body just received is a little bit unbearable. — summary: A nightmarish event unfold in front of his own eyes. "Jump in the hole a fter you get me chocolate. No underage sex (below ages of 16) is encouraged in this fanfiction. mature/explicit rating please :) » Welcome!! This here post is to give you more information about me and my blog!! If you have any questions that I didn’t answer, feel free to ask me!! Also, feel free to request anything!! Thank you!! « If you find anything offensive, exclusive, or anything else, please let me know!! I want everyone to feel welcome and included!! A lot of my posts are from middle school, so I wouldn’t . He'd excel at school, take part-time jobs. Slowly opening your eye you yawned gaining the attention of Levi who was reading from next to your bed. That was his way of letting you know that he loves you. “Levi look, it’s a nice day today!” (Y/N) chirps, wriggling out of his hold. 8. hange thought that it would be a good idea to go to a local bar in town to get rid of stress and have fun for a bit. A horde of abnormals came out of nowhere, disrupting the . cw: mentions of alcohol, a drunk levi, and drunk conversations - drunken confessions - the past few weeks has been stressful for everyone in the survey corps, especially for the higher ups. “ Fucking brat ,” he fumed, “learn some goddamn respect for your superiors. Levi x Reader fan-fiction by rainbowmacaron. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . Pinky Promise. Only 1970s Boys Levi x Reader: Sex On the Beach. Plot twist reader is a cyborg. Warnings: Hint of depression and mild suicide mentions, trigger warnings. The beach was dirty and hot and full of people he didn’t know or didn’t care to know. Reader is portrayed within the ages of 18-20. Her skills were graceful and strong. He replied, with his signature emotionless face. Apocalypse (Levi x Reader) (Y/n), an 18 year old girl. “Sasha, that’s for the higher-ups, don’t eat it. None of these threats caused us to stop running though. The room is engulfed by silence that even . “I love Levi. Levi’s a good dad but sometimes he gets a lil awkward when one starts to cry so he lets you handle it. Please don’t take . You said, though your body language said different. Levi couldn’t understand why his mind would always replay his interactions with you on a loop until the next one occurred, or why whenever you happened to be close by, his . The Police took away her family, and they were never seen or heard from again. He wanted to listen to her voice forever. 2. I saw dead Titan’s lying everywhere and see a broken down house wall. The title is self-explanatory, just some sexy, fluffy, fun one-shots with our favorite shorty 😉 #aotxreader #corporallevi #fanfiction #fluff #lemon #leviackerman #leviheichou #levixreader #mature #oneshot #smuttyfanfic When we reached the top of the dark pile of stones, we stood side by side for a moment, our fingers still intertwined. "I'll talk to you later. “You–”. General info: canonverse, one shot, slight fluff, extremely subtle flirting. “I don’t think these idiots needed to know that. Mar 17, 2019 - Read Vampire Levi x Period Reader Lemon from the story Levi x Reader One Shots and Lemons by jeonjiminiekook (Jeonfyd) with 17,568 reads. Flashbacks of Isabel and Farlan started flashing before his eyes, how her head was torn apart from her body. Eren held his hand out for Louis to hold as they walk through the halls, but Louis rejected his hand. Façade or Felt [Levi Ackerman x GN!Reader] [Fake Dating College AU] Word Count: 5664. It’s something that means you have a piece of him with you. If you’re cool with the occasional smut, anything by CaptainDegenerate on Ao3 is amazing. it was known to almost everyone in the survey corps that levi doesn’t sleep due to his insomnia or if he does, he’d get two to three hours of sleep at most. You were not usually this angry often, but you had every right to feel such strong emotions, mainly because Levi had been your husband for nearly 3 years. “I’m telling Hange when I walk out this door. Rage was an accurate word to describe your inner turmoil as you found yourself re-reading the exchange of messages between Levi and his secret lover for what seemed like the 20 th time today. Levi X Reader Lemons And Fluffs (Requests Currently Closed) Fanfiction. Levi x Reader One Shots Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan Fanfiction Troublesome Idiot Levi x Sick Reader - Page 1 - Wattpad ⇁. summary: Levi says something in an argument and you decide to give him the silent treatment. They are really good about putting all the content warnings at the beginning of each chapter in case you want to skip something. Louis nodded. “Promisepromise me you’ll find me againin another life. levi has grown fond of a small diner in the middle of town, it’s quiet, old fashioned, and could make a decent cup of tea or coffee. Reunion Levi X reader *flash back* We ran through the crumbling, dirty streets of the underground. Levi pulled his hand away while Erwin placed the back of his hand on your other cheek, wiping away the tear. a/n: we had levi comforting reader, and now we have reader comforting levi :’) in terms of the request, i altered the timeline a bit but i think it still captures what you were going for! enjoy u guys <3. summary : just a dad!levi x reader during their vacation in summer (modern au)this will probably have some other parts lmao. While the writing quality of your story is good in terms of spelling and grammar, please note this part of the Content Guidelines . {The bet} Leviathan x non binary reader • you and Levi go swimming. Ngl that was really good. Escape room: Levi's hell. yeah he is that . The writing is great. But one night you laid in bed beside Levi, his arm tightly around your waist and his breathing fanning over the nape of your neck as he slept peacefully. In a fast movement you were up, the rolled up sleeves came undone and they come passed your hands. Darting his anxious orbs to you his gaze softened as he put the book down and turned to you, placing his hand over your own letting his thumb trail back and forth in a comforting manner. Take it down the hole with me. Levi handed baby heichou to Eren so he can calm him down since he had to continue doing his paperwork. You shoved her, not needing to hear her desperate words. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about search up delicious gummy bears robot . Despite your insistence, you felt your heart sink as she shot into the sky. Your heart felt like it was actually torn in two, and it most likely was. As soon as she was all strapped in, she hesitated, staring back at you with wide eyes. Connie will use the bathtub as a swimming pool and drown the whole bathroom. She lives on her own and survives, but barely. While you get tortured by the military police to reveal the truth, Levi tries his best to prove your innocence. Imagine that you and Levi were close friends, and you decided to go comfort him after Petra died, because you knew that he felt like it was his job to protect her and he failed. It's not a large story nor does it have a particular plot. Levi x reader where reader is pure meaning she never swears or anything but one day she stubs her toe or something and then all of a sudden she starts screaming like a banshee and uses aggressive swear words. You panted trying to catch your breath while sweat rolled off your skin. It felt like a déjà vu. ”. We put up with this nice of Levi Ackerman X Reader Lemon graphic could possibly be the most trending subject as soon as we portion it in google lead or facebook. . Levi Ackerman sighed heavily. Keep reading. All you could hear is the clock ticking as if time is rather slow, every second the same sound radiating. hello there, headcanons for levi to a s/o who likes to laugh and tells jokes, even in uncomfortable moments she will giggle nervously Xd thanks a lot admin we love ya 🤞💜💜 heya anon!! Luv ya back! :). — word count: 1. Erwin is def the cool uncle and Hange spoils them whenever they’re in his care. Summary: Reader is on her way to New Asgard to help heal Thors broken heart since her return from saving all of her friends and family using her powers to travel back in time. You teased, nudging Levi’s side with your elbow and he scoffed under his breath. You can read this on Wattpad: http://w. however, id 100% be open to reading it if someone endorsed it, so lmk your recommendations! i love a good modern AU but feel free to send ones that arent that. mammon makes a bet with you, if you can get Levi out his room he’ll buy you whatever you want• Fall {Rainy days} Satan x reader •your reading in your room until your boyfriend Satan comes to visit you• {Apple picking} Luke and chubby reader BUBBLES. Trying to get away from the man chasing us, all because we stole a little food. Concept: Ao3 snippet. summary: you get a little careless in an expedition, and Levi lashes out on you for it. “Thank you Levi. A sigh of relief leaving your lips. “There’s no way Captain Levi is married. "On my way I'll pick up some chocolate. ☺️. Levi moaned into your ear as he pulled out. Originally posted by nanakorobiyaokii. If you don’t feed on mommy’s milk, you will grow up to be short like daddy. - Chapters: 6 - Words: 7,347 - Reviews: 40 - Favs: 136 - Follows: 61 - Published: 11/15/2014 - Status: Complete - id: 10826637 pairing: levi x reader . Levi closed his eyes, tears streaming down his face. 5k. " You grumbled slightly as you closed your eyes in content. the familiarity of his daily arrival, stirs tension with his “favorite” waitress. You weren’t aware of this, any perception of time . Your hands grabbed the sheets in front of you to cover your body, trying to compose yourself. ” you smile and turn to Eren. You had slipped out of bed carefully, sneaking out of the base in your hood and . “Ackerman, Levi Ackerman. This is my first fanfiction please like And subscribe if you want to find me on Instagram please search@unknown101o9 Levi began erasing his work on the whiteboard while giving an occasional goodbye to the students. Aug 9, 2018 - Read Levi x Mind Reader!Reader from the story Levi x Reader Oneshots Book #2 (REQUESTS ARE CLOSED) by Awesome-dude (Awesome-Dude) with 16,435 reads. By this time, all of the other scouts were watching you two in horror. The other time both of you were human. tt/1RwbZ0h - Being childhood friends with Levi isn't that bad right? N. however, lately, levi has been overworking himself up to the point of exhaustion. At first, Levi would take your attention from his brother, saying Lucifer was too busy anyway, but then Lucifer would make Levi feel like shit because “at least I’m not a shut-in, as you always call yourself. Unlike the others, he doesnt see this as a relaxing act, but a fun activity and tries to make the best out of it. 1k. genre: fluff, canonverse, establishing domesticity. Note: you will see some of these exact points in the actual ‘Jealous Demon Bros Headcanons’ that I’m working on. ” you spoke incapable of saying anything more. “Get out of here now. Yours were mediocre. Crimson drips from your forehead. “Ok, what is your name?”. Apr 7, 2019 c1 catspats31. levi ackerman x fem!reader. Request for @konohoes, hope you enjoy! In sorry this took so long, I got a burst of motivation to write at fucking 11pm and I’m exhausted. Levi works from home (even before quarantine) so the kids are on him 24/7. The boys like to hang off Erwin’s big arms like monkeys. Archive. Levi tells me about you kids all the time. Grey eyes flickered from the couple back to yours, a wry smile tugged at your lips as you watched the girl gush over the flowers, the boy bashful in response. it wasn’t like he doesn’t love you, it was because he was so unfamiliar with the feeling of love before you. The storyline and interactions as a whole also come across believable. Your head was now resting on his shoulder as your hips kept swaying, your pants filling the otherwise silent room. You stumble trying to stay up but soon faded into darkness. Author’s Note: yup back to this fandom again. Not all mar. Description: Y/N goes to Levi’s family’s Christmas Party. It’s unusually quiet in the mess hall and you’re certain it’s because of the . I am aware that Levi is technically represented by a sea serpent but I elected to simply give him serpent traits. love, attackontitan. Tired of waiting you sat up in as a brilliant idea come up to your head. Warnings: none. He would push himself in order to give his mother a better life. Apr 27, 2019 c1 DigimonGayLord. Lucifer has “control” over both of you, and surprisingly thats the reason why . Levi obviously meant this as a joke but Louis took him very seriously. “You’ve always been there for us,” said Levi. Reviews: (Lemon) Uke Levi x Seme Male Reader | FanFiction. The expedition ended in complete mess, titans were able to invade the scouts before they could form their formation, what’s worst for him he wasn’t able to keep in track of your position . Aug 25, 2021 c1 Ace. Levi began erasing his work on the whiteboard while giving an occasional goodbye to the students. His threats could be heard, echoing off the walls of old buildings and sketchy allies. “I promise. · 1y. It glows neon green when activated, something that he honestly finds cool as hell, because: 1. “ Y/N !”. Happy New Year, fuck 2020! Pegging, spanking, blindfolds, praise kink, dumb plot Eren asked the child. In front of her,a poorly made sand castle was standing. Your legs ached but the adrenaline kept you going. There is heavy smut/lemon involved. First fanfic ever but I loveee Levi heichou so thought I would do a Levi X Reader, will be lemon later in the story I promise :3 Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Levi A. You just wanted him to stay here with you. So first of all he is not ready to accept the fact that he is being clingy, and it is annoying yet funny at the same time! You’ll be like, “Stop being clingy! I’m working right now!” and he’ll straight up be like “You’re the one who is being clingy Y/N” while cuddling your hand. Levi isn’t used to letting people into his . Instantly, Louis latched his mouth to his mom’s breast and started sucking like hell. "See, I told you! They filled it this morning again for the year. Levi calls you up while you're busy, so he leaves you a voicemail on your phone about a dream he had that he wants to try out. Genre and tags: Modern AU, couple, cute, fluff, funny, romance. He grabbed your hips and helped you go on a faster pace. Food is scarce and clean water is impossible . Covered in sand,your 5 years old daughter,Isabel,waved to her father. Levi x Reader (F) All Night. wc: 2. You had been lying in bed for around three days now. " Levi hung up and turned his attention back to you, you who was part way through sneaking off that is. Her shining red locks made your h/c hair look dull. Idk if this would end up being a series, it just might bc even tho this was requested, I’m thinking about having a spin where after the reader gets . Before you could take another step towards him your world began to spin. He was draining her boob of all it’s milk. “LLevi?”. Levi Ackerman X Reader: You Have To Get Up. for (Lemon) Uke Levi x Seme Male Reader. summary: with Levi being too occupied on paperwork, you patiently wait for his free time. pairing: levi x reader. “Go back to sleep. Honestly its not always a pretty relationship. oof. That part will have Satan, Asmo, Beel and Belphie. Hanji’s antics were stressful enough, and he didn’t want to have to babysit her or anyone else on this so-called “vacation . Chapter 2- Vice Versa : Ciel become the butler and Sebastian the master ! 10 years have passed since Son Goku left with the dragon, Shenlong. “It’s okay, I wanted to bring food for the new members. While you're in the room, Levi is slowly losing his patience and mind with . The boy belonging to the name came rushing down the street, a bouquet of fresh colourful arrangements in one hand, the other opened to embrace the girl. Levi furrowed his eyebrows, clenched his jaw and calmly walked up to you, abruptly grabbing the front of your shirt and pulling your face up to his, almost giving you whiplash. I love you see you soon. He grumbles under his breath, displeased that she left him. You and Levi have sex in your new moon pool that has a nice ramp to help support you. Word count: 7,485. Clingy Levi Ackerman x Reader. The shirt was humongous but that's why you love it and Levi couldn't say he . Thor is insecure and afraid to trust someone in fear of losing them and it leads to an argument. what are your fav levi x reader fics from other writers? (this is just me trying to get some fics to read while i wait for ur next chapters and fics LMAO) you can check my fic recs tag! the link only works on desktop tho so you can just search “fic rec” in my tags if you’re on mobile. Sitting on a bench, you eat your bread and soup peacefully with Eren and the others. Your face crumpled, the flower inside of your chest throbbing painfully at the notion that he would never love you back. Basically like that gummy bear video on adult swim. You close the door to alert him to your . Genre and tags: Merman Levi, human female reader, mating, creampie, smut, water sex, dirty talk. With his sharp and intimidating eyes he us. I watched the snow falling through the window; it was already dark outside the light from within the library reflected . Prompt: Reader-chan is upset after her friend died, and she hasn’t gotten out of bed in a few days, and Levi is worried. “Hey. with all the cruel horrors he’d seen in this world . “Your hands are dirty. He remarked letting out a muffled moan. Rain pelted down, stinging the small slithers of skin that were visible and causing you to not know where you were going. sent a message. The exhaustion, existing ever so evidently at the grace of his half-lidded dark eyes was quite the contrast in comparison to his otherwise youthful appearance. It mainly focuses on the relationship of the reader with Levi. Levi feels so in character and the whole relationship evolves naturally. I told Levi to bathe Rin while Eren, Jean and I clean up. However, you wanted more, you wanted something even rougher so you opened your mouth and bit down into Levi's shoulder blade. You couldn’t hate her; she was an absolute sweetheart, but her close connection with Levi throughout the years made you feel, well insecure. He mumbled. Levi walked up to Eren to finally help him up while you left to your dorm to get some rest! *Timeskip* You were sitting in the mess hall with your friends, eating food, when suddenly Reiner rests a hand on your shoulder and starts laughing: "You were amazing in Hand-to-hand combat training (f/n)! Characters: Eren, Armin, Jean, Connie, Porco, Erwin, Levi Notes: This is an imagine I did on my tumblr - @certifiedjaeger <3 This is about what the AOT guys would be like if they had a breeding kink, enjoy! <3 In a safe area everyone dismounts their horses to get check and resullly and such. She let out a small smile and waved. A collection of juicy, well written Levi x Reader one shots! CANON. Changing. I love you. text post. author’s note: this was longer than i expected but hey i’m soft- - love and adoration - despite dating for a few years, levi has never said the three words back to you. Slowly, but you were. Something he’d never tell you. But he's too quick and they get knocked out Levi then starts telling them that the forest is very special to him and they start having feelings for each other Fluff of course~. " Eyes watering at your recollection you released your hand from Levi, abruptly sitting up. 'So his name is Levi, huh?' You thought to yourself. « Dad ! Dad please come help me ! ». any good aot levi/reader or levi/OC fanfics? ive read almost everything by captaindegenerate (love their work) and marked down a couple others, but none of them stood out to me. He finished erasing, returning the foam eraser to the shelf beneath the board. Originally posted by nenemokke. Secret (Levi X Shifter!Reader) “Cadet (Last Name),” a regal voice called out to you while you were in the stables tending to your golden stallion, who you so affectionately named ‘Sundance’. I don’t know where they’ve been. Request: sub! Levi x fem! Dom! Reader. She was standing at other side of the road, and she was staring straight at him, as he was doing to her. Your mind was clouded and you suddenly forgot about everything, your mind set on one thing- the military police. 'All my life, this was the one thing I did right, the one thing I was proud of’, he tightened his grip around his blades. Genre and tags: Modern AU, romance, falling in love, fluff, cute, Levi's thoughts, happy ending. “It’s kind of you to think of us like this, but you don’t have to do this by yourself. We identified it from reliable source. What time was it? You turned to look at your alarm clock on the nightstand; in bright red numbers you read 3:44 . "Levi! I need you to com- mhmmblablablamhmmya!" That's all you could hear from the phone as the person blabbered away. Chapter 1- Switch Body :After eating a special cake Ciel and Sebastian switch bodies!Read this funny doujinshi where Ciel is in Sebastian's body and Sebastian in Ciel's body. genre: mild angst, fluff. Tears streamed down your face as the wind whipped across your face, pricking your eyes and blurring your vision. Eren took control. genre: fluffy lime. “Louis. Warnings: N/A. Originally posted by ackersoul. This got unexpectedly long so I’m making a part 2 right after. Levi didn’t waste another second to spring off you, his eyes filled with worry and fear that he did something wrong. You tentatively open the door to his room, and see him sitting on his bed with his head in his hands. "Mm, right," Levi murmured as he drew circles on your back with his fingers. Her shocking hazel eyes made your e/c eyes look bland. The person watching him, taking in his form with caution, was none other than Eren Yeager. The titans flings into a tree or something and when Levi goes to check on her he sees that her arm is broken buttttt it’s actually a robotic arm. Drabble - Slight NSFW - Levi x reader - Eren x reader . I looked out over the large cistern finally full of water again and shot Levi a grin in the dark shadows of the Underground night. I jump off my horse and run over to the wall, seeing Y/N ’s horse laying on the ground, dead. Levi x Reader (F) Silent Treatment. Once it’s over, things cango back to the way they were. After Levi bathed Rin and changed him into his new diaper, but the baby started crying again. It was all the zombies' fault, and the Polices'. Levi walked up to Eren to finally help him up while you left to your dorm to get some rest! *Timeskip* You were sitting in the mess hall with your friends, eating food, when suddenly Reiner rests a hand on your shoulder and starts laughing: "You were amazing in Hand-to-hand combat training (f/n)! NSFW Levi x Reader ⇁. Everything he does, he does to make you laugh, because he has to keep you happy and wants you to enjoy yourself. Meet Levi, a man considered to be a emotionless and heartless human being. Levi x Reader where an expedition gets extremely harsh and Levi sees reader in trouble with an abnormal. Because behind you, a titan emerged from the end of the street. Her voice was soft, and melodic. Its submitted by presidency in the best field. Me- Can’t wait to see you tonight ;) Barely escaped y/n though. Stop whining and drink already. Opening his eyes, he sees her by the . “I love you”. Well, to be fair, he dislikes just about everything: new crops of cadets, piles of paperwork, people who walk too slow. Levi groans when he feels (y/n) moving around in his arms. You were still in his arms with your head on his chest. Rivai tried to calm his baby brother in all ways possible, but nothing. Good day! RED ROSES & BLACK DAHLIAA Cheater Husband Levi Ackerman &Wife Reader (Modern AU)RED ROSES symbolizes romance, love, beauty and courage. The pain you felt was unreal. You hated his work it always took him away from you. — Levi x Reader. 6) "I had a dream last night and this happened. May I request a naga!levi x reader where Levi has his scars from the manga and the reader is a hunter of his species and they try to kill him. pairing: levi ackerman x reader. “I’m ___. Levi watched the last of the students filter through the door, then turned to you. Summary: Prim and proper, but seemingly emotionless, Levi can’t help but feel drawn to you. shingekino. #levi ackerman #aot levi #fanfic #snk levi #levi fanfiction #aot fanfiction #levi x y/n #levi x you #aot x you #levi #levi fluff #aot x reader smut #aot . His pact mark runs from the top of your calf to about mid-thigh, right on the back of your leg, it’s large, slender, and delicate. Tick, Tock. Sub! Levi x fem! Dom! reader (modern au) Request for @stellixia, hope you enjoy! Also quick warning, there going to be descriptions of snow and I’ve never actually seen real snow before so I’m sorry if it sounds weird. — hurt comfort, fluff, oneshot. Pairing: Levi x Reader. He says gruffly, pressing his nose into her neck. He gave one last smile and his grip on your hand loosened, “ I’ll know it’s you when I find you. " simply, wait for you. Levi didn’t want to go to the beach, but his colleagues dragged him out there anyway. "He dislikes you. This story will have multiple chapters. Jean scolds her and she apologizes immediately. “I am always here for you. genre/ summary: (oneshot, fluff, angst, (LIGHT) nsfw, modern au. Summary: The 3 Titan shifters (aka Annie, Reiner and Bertholdt) had stolen the last Titan serum and you end up getting framed. Thank you so much! The Bikini. Levi begins to walk towards you. A sly smile took possession of your face.

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