Opinel knife outdoor. 8. 00. +34 974 42 99 24 In the shopping cart you will get all the info No. PERSONALIZE. B. 08 Stainless Steel Folding Knife with Lanyard from $19 . The handle is made of plastic and at the back of the handle you find a whistle (110 decibels) that works under all circumstances. 5cm/3. This heavy duty survival knife features a 2. <p>opinel no8 outdoor. Their traditional pocket knives range in size from 1. Opinel Adventure Pocket Sheath $12. Generations of artists, explorers, and farmers have carried the instantly recognizable, imminently useful Opinel knife in their pockets. 25" (10. Best deals. our price: $39. Opinel Knives were founded by Joseph Opinel in 1890 as a peasant's (working man's) knife. ( 2) Opinel Outdoor Pocket Knife. survival whistle and a shackle key. $39. VIEW PRODUCT. 8 sees the company modernise and enhance their well known folding knife design into a knife that offers more to the . 95 Best Rated. Above: An “ideal tool for weeding or picking lettuce or dandelions,” a stainless steel Opinel No. The N°08 Outdoor pocket knife is dedicated to sporting activities: trekking, mountaineering, canyoning, sailing, caving, paragliding etc. Developed by using unbelievably long-lasting components, these Pocket Knives via the experienced knifesmiths at Opinel will hold on to an edge for extended periods of time before needing to be sharpened. A knife which is built to last and built to work, the Opinel No. Born in the heart of the French Alps, Opinel knives come backed by a legacy of quality knife making spanning more than 120 years. Since 1890, the folks at Opinel have been making quality folding knives. 09 DIY Folding Utility Knife Yellow. SMKW has Opinel Knives for sale. 5mm-thick stainless-steel blade with a serrated area and a 4-season, 110-decible whistle built into the handle. Great prices on Opinel and other knives. 07 Outdoor Kids Folding Knife Junior Blue No. X. No. N08 Outdoor Series . 7 Purple. 8 is one of the latest offerings from world claimed knife makers Opinel. 95 (Save 26%) $45. Perfect for any outdoor activity, camping, hiking, boating, or backpacking, the Opinel Nomad Outdoor Camping Folding Knife & Utensil Kit is great for all outdoor activities. Serrated part has never been used and neither has the whislie 110 db. The handle features a non-slip area (colored area) and can resist extreme temperatures (-40C to + 80C). Opinel N08 Outdoor Folder 3. </p><p>You are bidding on a good used opinel no8 outdoor knife. The blade is Sandvik 12C27 modified stainless steel which is a great balanced alloy. 12 Outdoor Explore Fire Starter Replacement $10. Outdoor Blue Outdoor Orange Outdoor Brown Red Outdoor Brown Green. 25" Sandvik 12C27 Stainless Steel Combo Blade, Orange Zytel Handle, Safety Whistle. No. : More ways to cut through the underbrush: My Most Versatile Garden Tool: Hori Hori Knife. The blade locks in both a closed and open position with a Virobloc ring, making it safe and practical. Huge selection. 25" (8. 07 Outdoor Kids Folding Knife Junior Violet No. Fiberglass handle neon green & white alittle wear on the green part as seen in pictures . Opinel No. The 3. It features a 2. Opinel Slim Series No. Opine No8 is the most versatile size in the ever growing line of folding knives. Opinel Outdoor No. Originally sold door-to-door, this iconic brand has grown so greatly that it has become a symbol of French culture and lifestyle. 25" Sandvik 12C27 Stainless Steel Combo Blade, Blue Zytel Handle, Safety Whistle our price: $39. Featuring a partially serrated 3. 4. 8 Pocket Garden Knife has a 3. Joseph Opinel designed his first pocket knife in 1890, creating a tool that is as robust and functional as it is simple and beautiful. 35" Sandvik stainless steel blade and a fiberglass-reinforced polyamide handle . 35-inch blade and a beechwood handle; $16 from Opinel USA. 5mm thick partially serrated blade, integrated four-season survival whistle, a shackle key and the Virobloc® safety ring. The Opinel No 8 Outdoor Folding Knife was created to be an ideal utensil for each of your cutting requirements. 35in blade). It has a Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade with a partially serrated ege. The No. Big savings. Opinel Pruning Folding Knife $27. 07 Outdoor Kids Folding Knife Junior Khaki. 09 DIY Folding Utility Knife Grey No. 10 Olivewood - Outdoor Fillet Knife with Leather Sheath, Wooden Box. This was a little small for me, but still useable. 26cm) satin finish partially serrated 12C27 Sandvik stainless blade. Wood Type. 5 mm thick 12C27 Sandwich blade, a thick serrated area, an integrated 4 seasons 110 db. The polymer handle features a lanyard and integrated whistle rated for 110 dB. 12 Explore Outdoor Folding Knife Explore Orange No. The Opinel #8 Outdoor Orange folder is an ideal knife for adventurers. 8 Knife. 07 Outdoor Kids Folding Knife $25. Includes a N°12 Serrated Folding Knife, N°10 Folding Corkscrew Knife, N°6 Pocket Peeler, Beechwood Cutting Board and a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. 00 $11. Folding knife Opinel Table Knife Four Piece Set $60. A simple yet effective locking system, Virobloc helps prevent the blade from opening when closed. 0. 8 size (8. Includes the Virobloc safety ring that locks the blade in the open and closed . . Its ultra-resistant polymer handle is equipped with a safety whistle. Be prepared for the unexpected with this heavy-duty survival knife. 38in to 4. Opinel Wooden Box No 8 Natural Horn Folding Knife $149. 81) $26. Opinel Knives. The durable blade is equipped with a notched area to cut cords as well as a shackle spanner. 00 On Sale. Its outdoor functionality is rounded out with a 110db survival whistle, an integral lanyard for ease of carry, and safety lock to keep it closed during travel and transport. The plastic is moisture-resistant and can be used between -40ºC and 80ºC. Opinel Folding Knives. 36" 440A stainless steel blade with a serrated edge has a Rockwell hardness of 57-59, delivering an excellent combination . A good, tough knife is a backcountry non-negotiable, and the Opinel® No. The handle features a non-slip area (colored area) and can resist extreme temperatures (-40c to + 80c). 72in. 81 (Save $1. The curved Beechwood handle fits comfortably in the . 8 Outdoor Folding Knife. 99. OP01714 Opinel No 8 Outdoor Pocket Knife Red Outdoor No 8. 4 mm-10 mm shackle key cut in blade. 8 Outdoor Survival Pocket Knife. Opinel No8 Trekking Stainless Steel Locking Folding Knife With Leather Lace and Kahaki Green Dyed. 08 Outdoor Orange. Our customer service team will be happy to check the current stock levels in your local store if you . The folks at Opinel® are going high-tech with space age materials. RANKING No. Includes the Virobloc safety ring that locks the blade in the open and closed positions. 3. Make survival preparedness a priority carrying the Opinel® No. The Opinel Mushroom Knife is a must have for all mushroom lovers and home cooks. Opinel Outdoor Pocket Knife. Made from Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel, the blade is both lightweight and sturdy, making it perfect for cutting and trimming mushrooms at home or outdoors. 09 DIY Folding Utility Knife $30. 8 Outdoor brings all the right features to the table for an even more useful survival knife and multi . Traditionally made of Beechwood handles and XC90 high carbon steel blades, you can now find an Opinel in new steels such as . 8 Pocket Garden Knife. 8cm) closed. 07 Outdoor Kids Folding Knife Junior Red No. Opinel's knives are simple and effective additions to any EDC. When a brand has been making killer everyday carry gear for over a century, you can probably trust in the quality of their products. 5 mm thick 12C27 sandvik blade, a thick serrated area, an integrated 4 seasons 110 db survival whistle and a shackle key. The French manufacturer has been producing knives since 1890 and has a reputation for excellence across Europe. 12 Explore Outdoor Folding Knife hits all the survival marks and then some. The Opinel Outdoor Knife only comes in the No. Same goes with the durable and grippy weather-ready polymer handle. 00 . 95. The well-known Opinel Pocket knife in a modern implementation. Having been around for longer than a century, you can count on Opinel to know how to make a great folding blade. The Opinel #8 Outdoor Green folder is an ideal knife for adventurers. 8 Outdoor is perfect for sporting activities at sea and in the mountains: climbing, mountaineering, paragliding, trekking, canyoning, potholing, sailing, and nautical activities. Soto WindMaster Stove with Micro Regulator and 4Flex Pot Support (59) $64. Opinel knives with steel blade or carbon and wooden handle, make them one of the best knives in the world for various uses. Red and gray fiber-reinforced polymer handle with red rubber insert. And that extends from everyday carry into off-the-beaten-path adventure - as proven by their No. 00 Quality. 8 Outdoor pocket knife. 7. Opinel Outdoor Junior No. Opinel N⁰08 Outdoor Knife Construction and details. 12 Explore Outdoor Folding Knife $55. Opinel No8 Outdoor Survival Pocket Knife. Invented by Joseph Opinel in 1890, high in the French Alps, our iconic pocket knives have adorned the pockets and tool chests of some of the most renowned artists of the 20th century. Made of strong, corrosion-resistant Sandvik stainless steel, the robust blade cuts sharp and holds up through rugged conditions. N. 6. Quality Make and Materials. 12 Explore Outdoor Folding Knife Explore Green. The blade is 50/50 plain & serrated Mod 12c27 sandvik stainless steel that the plain part of the blade has been resharpen and has some scratches. Select a Color. This product is not available. Shop Today! . At least, that’s the case with Opinel – the brand behind the superb No. From his workshop at the foot of the French Alps, Opinel forged a cult classic.

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